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Whether you're training or competing, this road bike tyre is engineered for maximum performance. Goodyear has equipped this model with R:Shield puncture protection technology, which allows you to benefit from improved puncture protection under the tread while maintaining excellent overall performance. Coming kitted out with dual integrated tread zones, this version keeps your driving and braking forces aligned to deliver controlled cornering grip. One final highlight is its class-leading lightweight design that provides a lower rotating weight for faster acceleration, lower rolling resistance and a superior ride.

The Ultra High-Performance all-round road race tyre.

Dynamic:GSR – Improved grip, reduced rolling resistance and longer wear
R:Shield – Improved puncture protection under the tread while maintaining overall performance
Dual Integrated Tread Zones – Keeping the driving and braking forces aligned properly as cornering forces come into play.
Class-leading lightweight design – Lower rotating weight allowing for quicker acceleration, low rolling resistance and supple ride.

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