Retul Bike Fit

Simon has completed his Body Geometry Fit Certification exam in September 2016, and as such is now the only Certified in Queensland, 1 of 5 in Australia, and 1 of 130 globally with this level of accreditation. We truly believe that getting a bike fit with us can improve your experience on the bike, regardless of age, gender or experience.

RETUL MUVE SL dynamic fit bike now in store. The official tool of Retul Bike Fit.

What is bike fit?

It is a process of fitting the bike to the rider, not the rider to the bike.

At Studio de Velo we believe that every cyclist has the right to feel comfortable and at one with their bike. Our range of bike fitting services will help maximise your performance and improve comfort levels.



Retul Bike Fit: from $399

At Studio de Velo we want to change riders’ thinking around bike fit. It requires more than just getting advice on bike setup whether it be from an amateur cyclist, a bike expert, or fitness professional – this is simply guessing. A proper physical assessment is the only accurate way to determine the best riding position, and now combined with Retul Bike Fit technology.

The current Retul Bike Fit technique has been developed over 9 years by the cycling industry’s leading bike fitters, you the rider, and professionals, such as Dr Andy Pruitt from the Boulder Centre for Sports Medicine in the USA. We believe this to be the most comprehensive bike fit available.

Retul Bike Fit is a comprehensive assessment of your riding technique, not just from the traditional side-on view but also from the frontal view. This assessment looks at balance on the bike, to minimize sideways movement of your knee to reduce injury, and to improve power and efficiency. This 20 step, cycling specific, physical assessment is done before you get on your bike. The physical assessment gives us the parameters by which your bike fit guided – your bodies strengths and weaknesses. We adjust to bike to suit your unique physiology. Allow approx 2.5hrs for the complete Retul fit. After 2 weeks we get you in again and to check how your body is adapting to any changes we made.


Had a fit with us in the last 12 months? Want to stay at the top of your game? Perhaps you've suffered an injury in that time and your body has changed. So should your bike. Book in for a full re-assessment at a reduced cost.

A Retul Fit will give you that extra edge in your cycling; more efficiency, more power, more aerodynamics, and reduced fatigue. It can also address an on-going injury or discomfort that impedes your riding.


Dynamic Sizing: $99

Recommended for new cyclists or those who just want to ensure they get the most from a weekend ride with the family.

Dynamic Sizing sets up your bike and ensures a good bio-mechanical position so you enjoy cycling. Your saddle and handlebar position is checked while you pedal to maximise comfort and efficiency.

This can also be used as a pre-purchase bike sizing to ensure you are getting the right size of frame from your preferred brand.


Pre-purchase bike sizing: $99

Looking to buy a new bike? Not sure what size frame you should buy, or what style of bike might best suit your body? We offer a Pre-purchase bike sizing to take the guess work out of your next bike purchase. Its similar to a Dynamic Sizing but you'll receive a prescription for the saddle, bars and stem as well as recommended bike sizes that will suit you.


  Other fit services


Saddles are an individual choice. Studio de Velo has a range of Specialized test saddles to try before you buy. We can measure you for the best in saddle comfort to suit you.


New shoes or cleats? Your shoes are set specifically for you and your bike. Allow 20mins.


Gauging and setting the best hand position for your personal safety and comfort. Allow 20mins


Studio de Velo offers mountain bike shock and fork set up to provide safe, reliable and best performance from your bike. Allow 30mins Want more information on how we can help you get the most out of your cycling? Phone us or click the button below to book your desired fit. All fitting services require a booking.