Why we're here

South West Brisbane’s best bike shop


Why we're here

South West Brisbane’s best bike shop


About Studio de Velo

Simon and Giles Sirotti created Studio de Velo bike shop to fill a void in the current bicycle market: to serve cyclists. Studio de Velo embodies the belief that every cyclist deserves honest advice, products that deliver on promises, and outstanding personal service.

Studio de Velo is Southwest Brisbane’s only Specialized dealer, offering a full range of Specialized bikes, parts and accessories. To provide the right equipment for the right activity a selected range of accessory brands are also in stock.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Simon Sirotti

Simon’s passion for bikes and all-terrain riding began as a child and was strengthened during his years living and cycling in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. He has ridden and raced all categories of cycling from cross-country mountain biking through to road racing and track cycling, so is well equipped to answer your questions and offer advice. Simon is also a ‘tech head’ so if you want detail, share a coffee in store and get talking!

Simon is the first Certified Fitter in Queensland and one of only five in Australia. His fanatical passion for Bike Fit combined with his science background, has gained him a reputation for solving rider’s problems that other can’t.

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Giles Sirotti

Giles is the mother of two, and enjoys the outdoors through running, yoga, climbing, mountain biking and road cycling. Having ridden in 100km mountain bike races and conquered the climbs in the Victorian Alps, Giles’ passion is to see all women enjoy the freedom of cycling.

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Shane Kent

Our little piece of Ironman in store. Shane is a father of two, who never seems to run out of energy. Nearly always training for the next event on the calendar his insight into what it takes to do a sub 9.5hr Ironman Triathlon makes him a great addition to the team. He's also a qualified personal trainer so he knows how to keep fit.


Shop Rides

Shop Rides

Shop Rides


We host social road rides every Saturday morning (weather permitting). If you’re looking for a social group, to increase your fitness or to simply learn some new routes to take your friends on next time then our Studio de Velo shop ride might just be the thing to get you out of bed early on a Saturday morning!

Starting at either 5.30am or 6am from outside the shop, depending on the distance and time of year. We usually aim for approx 25km/hr avg for most rides, as we find this is a good pace to keep it safe, our number 1 priority on the road. We also have a no-drop policy which means if you get dropped from the group up a hill, we’ll wait for you on the other side! As long as you have reasonable fitness you will be fine, however if you cannot hold 25km/hr on your own on flat ground then maybe a few more rides under you belt will ensure you enjoy it a little more.

We’ll always announce the ride times and distances on social media during the week before the ride. If you’re not connected on either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter simply send us an email and we can reply with all the info.

Always bring some coffee money, there’s ALWAYS coffee after the ride!

Examples of our rides:

Moggil Ferry Loop. Appox 63km round trip with about 900m of elevation over some spicy rolling hills.

Upper Brookfield. Approx 73km round trip with about  1100m of elevation over rolling hills

Jindalee loop. Approx 47km round trip with about 550m of elevation.

Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram and follow us to get all the shop ride info

Please note: we expect that everyone who comes on our rides is self sufficient with food, water and spares for the distance. We generally don’t stop anywhere along our rides except to fill a water bottle or 2 so please plan accordingly. It is in our interests to keep the rides safe for everyone, and most of all enjoyable. We are more than happy to ask any rider who is not following the rules of the group to leave or to ride on their own.


Mt Coottha in the sunshine!


General Group riding rules.

Follow the leader. Don’t ride off from the group and then stop to wait for us, navigating slow moving or stopped riders is dangerous for us and you. Our aim is to ride a smooth and consistent pace keeping the group together and safe. If you’re not happy with the pace please choose another ride.

2 lines. If the group remains in a compact formation it is much easier for cars to pass us, being spread 3-4 riders across the road is not a safe place to ride.

Hand and verbal signals. Pass hand signals down the line quickly so the people behind are aware of any debris/obstacles. Verbal communication should be short and clear and be passed up or down the line quickly. Please ask before the rides for clarification on hand signals.

Don’t half wheel. Riding behind a rider requires trust. Riding with half your wheel overlapping the person in front is a sure way to cause an accident. Don’t half wheel. Leave half a bike length to the person in front rather than ride to the side of them.

Rolling turns. If you’re not comfortable or confident to take a turn on the front there is not pressure, just communicate to the people around you and we can ensure everyone enjoys the ride.

Mechanical issues. We will always wait for a flat tyre or mechanical, but be sure to notify people about your issue so we can wait.